RealCanna is a real estate investment trust focused on the acquisition, ownership, and management of specialized industrial properties.


We provide cannabis operators the opportunity to capitalize on their real estate assets to fund their growth by acquisition or expansion plans.

RealCanna expects to obtain both geographical and operational diversification in the new, vibrant, Global cannabis industry. From vertically integrated operations with LPs and point of sale, to the emerging edibles and derivatives markets across North America, RealCanna anticipates increased investment in real estate across the cannabis sector.

The majority of existing cannabis companies are constrained for economic capital to finance their acquisition or expansion due to limited capital participation from banks and institutions. RealCanna REIT sale-lease back model can effectively help these operators access their capital tied to real estate, in the process achieving above average industry returns.

For successful cannabis focused operators, our goal is to be equity partners that can help them grow. Much like how not every facility is right for purchase, not every operator is the right fit for a successful sale-leaseback. Today’s market requires visionaries that are on the right path.

RealCanna Investment Trust will acquire industrial properties from licensed cannabis producers and extractors. The asset-backed nature of the investments will allow RealCanna to control its risk exposure. Growers utilizing indoor facilities benefit from higher-quality products being grown due to controlled environment in their industrial properties. 


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